Enforcer 30

Enforcer 30

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Pressure Vessel Capacity 30 U.S. Gallons
Finished Foam Capacity 600 U.S. Gallons
Throw Distance Up to 75 Feet
Discharge Duration Up to 3 Minutes
General Specifications – Standards
Pressure Vessel Construction Aluminum SAE J-10 Code
Pressure Vessel Dimensions 20" x 24"
Fill Tower 1 1⁄2"
System Hoses 3000psi Hard Rubber Hose
Plumbing All Stainless Steel with Brass Fill Cap
Discharge Hose 50' Booster Hose or Boost Lite
Hose Storage Hose Reel
Propellant Type Nitrogen or Compressed Air
Propellant Cylinder Capacity One 90 Cubic FT. Cylinder
Propellant Cylinder Brackets 3/8" Steel Paced In Frame Walls
Discharge Nozzle 1" Pistol Grip
Discharge Nozzle Tip Power Tip Technology
Wheels 16" Flat Free Wheels
Height 24"
Width 20"
Empty Weight 407 Pounds
Loaded Weight 677 Pounds
Additional Options
Additional Nitrogen or Air Cylinders
Additional Hose
Protective Cover

The Enforcer 30 is a portable wheeled CAF system that contains 30 gallons of foam solution. The Enforcer 30 portable CAFS is capable of producing up to 600 U.S. gallons of finished foam. The Enforcer 30 produces a foam structure which can stick to horizontal and vertical surfaces thus providing a vapor barrier between the fuel and air. The Enforcer 30 portable CAFS has a discharge distance of up to 65-75 feet allowing for a safe distance between the system operator and the fire or hazard.

EnforcerOne has developed a line of products that are easy to use, as well as drastic reducing points where vital components could be broken or tampered with. The Enforcer 30 is unique in that it comes with a 100 foot hose Reel that will hold ¾ Inch Diameter Hose. This makes the Enforcer even easier to use. The Enforcer 30 portable CAFS is a versatile firefighting tool with the ability to be adapted to many different risk areas. EnforcerOne is able to manufacture a wide range of configurations and custom designs based on the specific needs of the customer.

Enforcer 30 has Passed UL 711 10-A & 60-B Fire Testing

Common applications for the Enforcer 30 are:

  • Industry
  • Fire Departments
  • Agriculture
  • Business and Home Owners